MG-44 how to buy Pregabalin MG44MG-44 1 Channel Passive Video Balun with Power Leads

  • Compact size and easy to install
  • Surge/lighting protection
  • Extra pair of leads for power, audio or data
  • Up to 2000′ when used with another passive balun, hub or receiver
  • Up to 3000′ with active balun, hub or receiver
  • Specification:
    • Frequency response: DC to 6MHz
    • Attenuation: 0.5dB typical
    • Video format: NTSC, PAL and SECAM
    • Connector: Male BNC with two wire leads
    • Impedance: 75 Ohms
    • Network wiring: one unshielded twisted-pair 24-16 AWG
      (0.5~1.31mm) category type: 5 or better
    • DC loop resistance
    • Surge suppression