Power Supply/Battery Charger

MG1261.5AMG1261.5A Auxiliary Power Supply/Charger

  • Power supply & charger
  • PC board configuration
  • 6 or 12VDC selectable output
  • Input: VAC 16.5 40VA (works with MGT-1640)
  • Power supply channel (to power backup battery)
    12VDC mode: charging voltage: 13.6VDC
    Charging current: 130 milliamp maximum
  • Main power output load voltage: 13.6VDC
    Current: 1.5 Amp max (without battery backup)
  • Standby time: 24Hrs @ 200mA drain level (without battery backup)
  • Back up battery: standard 4AH, sealed lead-acid type (not included)
  • LED’s: green remains on as long as AC power in connected to the terminal strip
  • UL Listed
  • Package individually