About Us

Your OEM source for electrical components and products since 1961.

MG Electronics is a leading OEM supplier of electrical components and products to manufacturers and distributors. We emphasize cost savings without compromising quality. Our customers are Fortune 500 companies and others who demand quality products, factory pricing and exceptional logistical support.


Primary product categories:

Power supplies, chargers, relays, switching devices, converters, etc.

Power and signal transmission (including data, video and audio)

Monitor mounts, brackets and tools

Speakers, sounders and related devices

Buttons, switches and other trigger devices

Magnifier lamps

Miscellaneous safety and industrial products


Primary industries served include:

Access, alarm and surveillance systems

Commercial sound and home theater

Policing and marine safety



Hauppauge, New York


Sales offices:

Hauppauge, New York

Chicago, Illinois



Hauppauge, New York

Los Angeles, California


Inventory consignment programs available to major manufacturers.